CNIEL celebrates French cheese with a campaign with aid from EU

CNIEL celebrates French cheese with a campaign with aid from EU

September 25, 2017, Mumbai ( India ) : The European Milk Forum and the French Dairy Board launched their campaign in India, with aid from the European Union. And it has been a heartwarming celebration of the rich heritage, exceptional quality, and irresistible flavours of French cheese, including iconic varieties such as Brie, Comté, Camembert, Emmental, Blue cheese, Raclette, that have won the hearts and palates of cheese lovers across India. CNIEL has since launched this campaign, hosting a networking event, an influencer workshop, and a culinary workshop.

The three-year campaign, a three-year campaign, pays homage to the artistry and craftsmanship inherent in European cheese-making. With more than 1200 cheese varieties available in France, the campaign showcases the diverse range of flavors, textures, and aromas that have made these types of cheese cherished delights on dishes across the globe. Through the CNIEL initiative, a series of fascinating events and experiences were organized to fully immerse cheese lovers in the enthralling world of French cheese. The influencer workshop brought together prominent figures, such as chefs and food influencers, to experience the elegance of French cheese through interactive tastings and masterclasses, led by Best Awarded Cheesemonger Francois Robin. The event also featured networking events for media and industry professionals to showcase the artistry and dedication that go into producing top-notch French cheeses.

CNIEL also held a culinary workshop at a renowned college near Mumbai, to celebrate their epicurean experiences. This gave chefs a unique chance to learn about the versatility of French cheese, enabling them to pursue a new career as a chef.

The French dairy industry is committed to sustainability and responsible production, emphasising their commitment to animal welfare and environmental stewardship through the campaign. French farmers and cheesemakers ensured the highest standards of quality while upholding the values of authenticity and environmental responsibility.

The campaign will also require a substantial social media presence that shows the vast range and unparalleled quality of French cheeses. The European Milk Forum will launch social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to raise awareness about French cheese and promote a lively and engaged community of cheese lovers.

In the coming months, CNIEL plans to host several such interactive tastings, influencer campaigns on social media, in-store promotions, and more, to give Indians a taste of French cheese.