Elon Musk praises Tesla's Full Self-Driving feature

Elon Musk praises Tesla's Full Self-Driving feature

Elon Musk, Tesla TSLA's CEO, responded positively to a social media post on a user's request that Tesla's Full Self-Driving feature be accepted by the user's spouse.

Matt Smith, an equity analyst at Halter Ferguson, posted about his wife's newfound approval of Tesla Inc.'s FSD feature during a 40-minute drive. Musk responded with '' The post ''.

The world has faced a significant challenge, he said, 'We're running out of dead dinosaurs, and betting against science is the dumbest experiment in history'.

The report comes amid criticism of Tesla's FSD capabilities. The GLJ Research CEO, Gordon Johnson, a well-known Tesla skeptic, recently declared that FSD is a failure, contributing to his prediction of a decline in sales for the EV giant.

Tesla has become more confident in its FSD capabilities, saying that equipped vehicles can drive themselves with minimal driver intervention. Tesla has announced autosteer on city streets as a FSD feature after it had been listed as a 'coming soon' feature for over four years.

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