Mansa-X, Kenya's diversified fund, has highest-ever return

Mansa-X, Kenya's diversified fund, has highest-ever return

Mansa-X, the capital's multi-asset strategy fund, has experienced its highest half-year return for the period, which ended June 2023 at 8.69 percent.

The diversified fund's return is higher compared to the 2022 half-year return of 7.93 percent, which invests across various asset classes, including currencies, precious metals, commodities and stock indices.

Its return in the half-year of 2020, 2020 and 2021 was 7.97, 7.63 and 6.8 percent.

The performance under the shilling-denominated fund has been largely attributed to better-than-expected returns from the global equities market.

The fund has positioned itself to reap from the rebounding returns from government bonds, illustrated by the evolution of its top 10 holdings.

Mansa-X's top five holdings include Eurobonds, the German 10-year bond and Kenyan local bonds, mirroring the attraction amid renewed volatility in the global markets, largely due to a general lift-off in interest rates.

The bond holdings were down 22.2 percent of the fund's Sh15.3 billion assets under management or Sh3.4 billion.