Japanese animation studio Ghibli gets Nippon TV takeover

Japanese animation studio Ghibli gets Nippon TV takeover

Studio Ghibli, a well-known Japanese animation studio, created a plethora of worldwide hits, such as and

On Thursday, the two companies' board of directors approved a resolution for Nippon TV to acquire shares of Studio Ghibli, making it a subsidiary of the television network. The deal's financial terms were not disclosed.

Many believe that Miyazaki is a top animator and a symbol of Japanese popular culture, as his films have inspired the animation industry and won critical acclaim worldwide.

He recently returned from retirement for his last film, '' The Man in the Moon''.

The companies said it took seven years to create the film, adding that they were 'deeply grateful' to audiences and for the positive reviews so far.

Studio Ghibli said the question of a successor was an issue and considered'many different candidates'. The search led to discussions with Nippon TV, with Suzuki spending'some time' with the Nippon TV CEO at a hot spring resort last year, where they agreed to the partnership.

Nippon TV and Studio Ghibli have worked together for years, with former broadcasting Ghibli films on air, investing in Ghibli movie productions, and even helping fund the Ghibli Museum, the statement said.

Under a new arrangement, Nippon TV will become the largest Ghibli shareholder with 42.3% of the voting rights.

Since its formation in 1985, Studio Ghibli has been renowned for its hand-drawn animation, adherent to traditional-school, painstaking frame-by-frame methods.

Each of its hits, from To and s Moving Castle, features delicately produced characters, stunningly crafted environments and an effortless sensation of movement.

At the helm, Miyazaki has made numerous movies that fuse wild fantasy with more severe issues, such as environmentalalism, feminism, and anti-war messaging.