Tinder introduces new premium level for users

Tinder introduces new premium level for users

Tinder is aiming to cater to the 1%.

If you can afford it, Tinder select has a new premium tier that costs $500 per month, but even if you can afford it, you're still going to have a difficult time getting into Tinder Select.

Match Group teased the premium level on its earnings call last month.

Less than 1% of users will be eligible for the top-tier, the company said in a statement.

As of now, those with $6,000 per year will gain access to a few unique perks.

However, select members will be able to send up to two direct messages to someone even if they haven't matched. Tinder says they will also be able to see and be seen by Tinder's most sought-after profiles. If a select user likes a person who isn't Gold or Platinum level, they'll still see the select user's profile unblurred in their Likes You grid.

Tinder also offers free monthly subscriptions, starting at just 25 percent.

Tinder Select is coming to Tinder parent company Match Group, as overall users have been decreasing in the past few months. The number of individuals paying for its services dropped 5% compared to the previous year to 15.6 million.