Second Republican debate to take place in Michigan, but no other candidates

Second Republican debate to take place in Michigan, but no other candidates

The second Republican presidential debate will be held later in the week, and the first debate will be held in a different location than the first.

Seven candidates have qualified for Wednesday night's presidential debate at Ronald Reagan's presidential library in California, the Republican National Committee said. Asa Hutchinson, 31, did not make the cut this time.

The first Republican presidential frontrunner who missed the first debate, former President Donald Trump, will also be missing from the stage and will instead hold events in the battleground state of Michigan.

The candidates must have at least 3% support in two national polls or 3% in one national poll as well as two polls from four of the early-voting states - Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.

The White House hopefuls also needed at least 50,000 unique contributors, with at least 200 of those coming from 20 states or territories. They also had to sign an RNC pledge promising to support the party's eventual nominee.

Florida's governor had been viewed as a potential rival for Trump, landing a distant second in both state and national polls and raising an impressive amount of money.

However, those sands have begun to shift as DeSantis' campaign has struggled to live up to high expectations for his campaign. Republican support for him nationally has plummeted significantly since its high point earlier this year.

The senator, from South Carolina, didn't have a breakout moment in the first debate in Milwaukee and is hoping to change that during Wednesday's event.

To be a bigger part of the conversation, Scott urged the party to change how it orders candidates onstage in an effort to get more prominent podium placement. There is no indication the RNC is planning to do that.

The only Republican actress on stage - and in the field - Haley experienced a fundraising surge after her performance in the first presidential debate. Her campaign said she raised at least $1 million in just two weeks, a record for her.

Two recent polls of her home state of South Carolina found that Haley - a former United Nations ambassador and governor of South Carolina - was in second place, well behind Trump but slightly ahead of other GOP rivals.

At the first debate, the political newcomer attacked some rivals as'so-PAC puppets' who were using'ready-made, pre-prepared slogans' to attack him. He was a frequent target of incoming attacks due to his lack of experience.

The jabs helped boost Ramaswamy's campaign funds and his name ID in the broad Republican field.

In the first presidential debate, he was left without his intended primary target. At times, he was drowned out by the audience's boos as he pushed back aggressively on questioning as to whether the candidates would support Trump even if he was convicted of felony charges.

A former software entrepreneur now in his second term as governor of North Dakota, Burgum nearly missed the first debate due to a tendon injury sustained while playing basketball with his campaign staff. But Burgum still participated, telling reporters that he was standing on one leg behind the podium.

Burgum has been using his wealth to boost his campaign, giving away $20 gift cards - hitting Biden's handling of the economy - in exchange for $1 donations. The offer has been criticized as being contrary to campaign finance laws.

campaigning on his reputation as a statesman and experienced elected official, Donald Trump's vice president demonstrated his debate chops last month and is angling to see more action in California.

Pence had combative moments with several other candidates in Milwaukee over some of the biggest dividing lines in the Republican nominating contest.

Pence himself also faced a pivotal debate question, with the candidates agreeing that he had been correct to safeguard the results of the 2020 election against Trump's pressure campaign.

The current GOP frontrunner is skipping his second 2016 debate, this time opting to meet with union workers in Michigan. He is due to give a speech before his rivals take the stage in California.

Last month, Trump hosted an interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, which aired on X around the same time the first presidential debate began.

He has also said he does not want to raise his lower-polling rivals by participating in a debate against them.

The former Arkansas governor was the final candidate for the RNC's qualifications for the first presidential debate, posting pleas on Twitter for $1 donations to secure his slot in Milwaukee, but he didn't meet the heightened criteria to participate in the second.

Instead of the debate, Trump will arrive in Michigan on Wednesday, speaking at a press conference his campaign describes as calling out Donald Trump's false promises.