This Little-known Secret Can Help You Perfectly Time Your Next Trade

This Little-known Secret Can Help You Perfectly Time Your Next Trade

As you know, the Fed decided not to raise rates last week - yet the market's acting like they did.

That's why in today's Power Profit podcast, my friend Chris Johnson, and I are going to break down exactly what happened.

And how something I call 'trading like a cat' can help you master your trading game.

Now this is just one of many strategies that has helped thousands of students of mine for years.

My husband has earned enough money to pay for a 300-acre ranch.

The others bought a Corvette. One guy took his family on a three-month vacation.

There were numerous individuals who quit their jobs.

Every week, I get emails from people who tell me about their wins.

100%... 200%... 300% gains, sometimes in a matter of weeks or just a few days.

No one comes even close to my top student.

He is a former pro golfer turned millionaire trader with an unmatched track record.

With a massive win rate that generates profits on 8 out of 10 trades, he is able to make money.

For years, he has been in a losing streak.

And the gains he's produced beat the biggest and the best traders on Wall Street by 15X in the last three years alone.

For the first time ever, he's joining me on the big screen.

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