Meet the teen who created an AI-powered tutoring assistant

Meet the teen who created an AI-powered tutoring assistant

As a 17-year-old, he was determined to do something about inequality in education.

Then, a high schooler moved into a top private high school in Dubai and noticed a significant difference in his performance and teacher's quality. The team also landed on the Insider list after a recommendation from investor Deborah Quazzo.

Pativada wanted to create a new, AI-powered studying assistant for ChatGPT, which launched on the global stage in September last year. To solve the accessibility issue, he decided to code his AI assistant to work on WhatsApp, a chat platform that has over 2 billion active users worldwide. If students in developing countries didn't have access to a computer, they could still use their phones as a learning tool.

By training its large-language models with data from all across the internet, students can speak with ASI through their preferred chat apps, such as WhatsApp, Messenger, or Discord, and have the software help them with any subject. After more interactions, the AI tutoring bot can pick up on what a student is good at and where they may need more help, to further personalize the experience for that learner's needs.

Several established edtech players have launched AI tutoring assistants this year, like Khan Academy's or beta app, but ASI stands out as accessible through messaging apps that students worldwide already use.

The goal of Pativada's vision for ASI is to provide personalized tutoring for individual students, but to also market the learning tool to governments and businesses for quick, personalized employee upskilling. But prioritizing access to communities that have typically been underserved is still central to his mission, he said.