Chai lovers celebrate National Chai Day

Chai lovers celebrate National Chai Day

On September 21st, India celebrates National Chai Day. The chai festival brings together chai lovers and gives them a chance to savor the effervescent cups of their favourite tea. Chai, or tea, is a sweet Indian beverage that is now consumed globally.

It's also known as masala chai. The sweet Indian drink has a hint of spiciness. In this recipe, you will find notes of spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, and pepper. In India and globally, there are numerous different types of cuisines that are made using different ingredients. We will tell you about Chai Day's history, significance, and different details.

In 3000 BC, tea was introduced as a herbal beverage and a unique treat for royals in Asia. The earliest version was just a combination of spices but surprisingly without tea leaves. It changed when tea was discovered in China. The advanced adaptation of tea or chai was Re-created during the 19th century of British colonial rule in India.

While learning tea from China and the English, India has become one of the world's largest tea exporters. After Indian Freedom, cafes blossomed, boosting tea sales. Somrus, the world's first Indian liquor brand, officially established National Chai Day in 2018, the world's first line of Indian liquor.

Chai Day is important for celebrating the tastiest and delicious varieties of tea. The day of the week is celebrated to highlight the health benefits of tea. The drink contains different nutrients and anti-oxidants. A healthy diet can be made possible by consuming this low-calorie drink.

Chai lovers and chai lovers are celebrating this day. The cuisine is enjoyed worldwide and there is a wide variety of recipes and traditions. Chai Day is a chance to celebrate the taste of Chai across the globe.

Chai's health benefits can not be ignored. Chai's ingredients and their medical advantages are numerous. Chai's black pepper and ginger in Chai help in digestion, cloves help in relaxing an abdominal pain, cardamom helps in mood swings, and cinnamon enhances the strength of the heart and lungs.

National Chai Day 2023 is a celebrated event for people from all over the world. The following are a couple of ideas:

The Book of Tea by Kakuzo Okakura