Microsoft plans to add cryptocurrency wallets to Xbox

Microsoft plans to add cryptocurrency wallets to Xbox

The latest documents released by Microsoft show that the company plans to add cryptocurrency wallets to its Xbox gaming console.

The leaked internal documents on the gaming forum ResetEra show that the Xbox roadmap for May 2022 included crypto wallet support. However, specific details about this planned integration were not shown.

The CEO of Xbox, Phil Spencer, attributed the leak to the federal trade commission's legal action against Microsoft. The FTC's opposition to the $69 million Activision Blizzard acquisition resulted in Microsoft unintentionally releasing leaked documents in their submissions.

The leaked documents reveal key communication between Xbox executives, plans for a new disc-less Xbox Series X, a gyro controller, and even a next-gen hybrid Xbox in 2028.

Spencer's efforts, however, failed to make light of the leak, noting that some plans had already changed. He said that he wants the government to correct the mistakes that people have made.

While Spencer has hinted that the company's plans might have changed, the cryptocurrency community remains hopeful about the leak. The incident, involving Gemini's co-founder, Tyler Winklevoss, underscored the vast scope of the gaming industry.

It's important to note that the potential impact remains speculative, as Microsoft has not officially confirmed any integration. The enthusiastic reaction of the crypto community underscores the importance of conventional tech giants embracing the emerging industry.

In August, Microsoft expanded its collaboration within the cryptocurrency sector by teaming up with Aptos Labs, the layer1 blockchain network Aptos developer. The collaboration aims to enhance the capabilities of the web3 ecosystem.