The 'hoofster' shoe made its debut at Milan Fashion Week

The 'hoofster' shoe made its debut at Milan Fashion Week

The shoes made their debut on the AVAVAV runway at Milan Fashion Week on Sunday, with crowdsourced design decisions and NFT functionality. The Hoofster, a cloven-toed boot with a faux-fur overlay, recalled the hooves of a shaggy pony. The Hoofster, created in collaboration with Web3 design studio OnlyEver, connects with an Ethereum NFT thanks to an embedded near-field communication chip. That connects the footwear with its digital twin, featuring a certificate of ownership, design and co-creation details, and other benefits to be unveiled as the project evolves.

The Shoe was co-created with the AVAVAV community, where details from structure to color and materials-and even the name were put to a vote. It is ultimately possible to wear it with or without the faux-fur, revealing a black leather.

Rocco Bressanin, the founder of OnlyEver, said in a statement. He emphasized his belief that the future of fashion lies in community and co-creation.

RubensLuciano, a luxury Italian design and production firm, is the newly launched arm of luxury Italian design and production company, which boasts a 35-year history in the footwear industry. The firm has collaborated with clients such as Calvin Klein, Ivy Park, Versace, Birkenstock, and Beyoncé's Ivy Park.

OnlyEver's physical production expertise and Web3 capabilities combine under one roof, enabling the team to maintain a seamless link between digital and physical design while enabling quick projects to be completed without the need for outsourcing.

The Hoofster, currently living for presale on the OnlyEver website, will be made to order in an effort to combat issues of overproduction. The Milan Fashion week show at AVAVAV turned heads with humor, as models sprinted down the runway in scrappy-looking, unfinished outfits. Hypebeast described the show as'stress-induced chaos', calling it a critique of the fashion industry's propulsive nature and intense deadlines.

Although blockchain-anchored NFC chips have been gaining popularity among brands such as Adidas and Dior, there's also a rising trend for those who embrace elements of co-creation.

Earlier this year, Lacoste unveiled an apparel collection co-designed with its Web3 UNDW3 community, while Casio recently announced a blockchain co-creation program linked to its G-Shock wristwatch line.

AVAVAV's Finger Flop has been launched in collaboration with the Amsterdam-based brand Yume Yume. The sandal, featuring a profile silhouette on the toes, was a reworking of AVAVAV's signature finger boots, which are reminiscent of rubber gloves for the feet. The Hoofster's concept is similar to Maison Margiela's iconic Tabi boots, derived from traditional Japanese footwear.