Getty Images unveils new Generative AI tool to combat copyright infringement

 Getty Images unveils new Generative AI tool to combat copyright infringement

To combat the unauthorized use of copyrighted images in training AI models and image generation, the visual image company Getty Images unveiled its new generative AI platform, Generative AI by Getty Images, created solely on its vast library of owned and licensed images. Peters said Getty Images's Generative AI can be custom-fitted and trained over time for brands for use with their own intellectual property.

Getty Images's innovative AI platform, Picasso, launched in March by the component maker turned AI developer. Generative AI is a set of tools and platforms that utilize prompts to generate new content, such as images, text, videos, and music.

As Peters explained, Getty Images' AI tool is programmed on a carefully curated and clean database that includes properly licensed images of locations and people but does notexclude brands' intellectual property or recognizable public figures that could be used to create deepfakes.

The legality of utilizing images taken from the Internet, including copyrighted material, to train AI models, has prompted companies, such as Getty Images, to pursue lawsuits against AI developers. In February, Getty Images pleaded guilty to a charge of copyright infringement against Stable Diffusion developer Stability AI.

Getty Images said user-generated images and prompts will be used to train its AI models. The images generated by users will not be uploaded to the Getty Images website or licensed by the company, Peters said.

In July, rival image library Shutterstock and ChatGPT creator OpenAI signed a deal to allow OpenAI's vast library of images to train OpenAI's generative models. OpenAI released the new Dall-E text-to-image generator, Dall-E III, last week.

AI developers face imminent legal challenges from numerous prominent authors, such as Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin, John Grisham, the author's Guild, and Sarah Silverman, who allege their written works are being fed into AI training models without permission.

Peters said Getty Images is dedicated to providing its customers with the best possible experience, including eliminating IP risk.

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