Norway man stuck in London for hours gets ULEZ fines

Norway man stuck in London for hours gets ULEZ fines

A Norwich resident who was lost in London during the rush hour was slapped with ULEZ fines in excess of£800. Roger Watts, 82, was on his way to Dorset when his SAT nav directed him into the capital, where he spent hours trying to get out of London. He had to spend a fortune leaving the city by the time he finally got out of the city. ''I just didn't have the experience to get out of London,'' Roger said of his stay in London since the 70s.

London mayor Sadiq Khan introduced the controversial Ultra Low Emissions Zone initiative, which aims to reduce air pollution in the capital. It requires vehicles to meet emissions standards or pay a daily charge of £10.50 when driving within the zone. The corporation said it will issue fines up to £180 for those who don't pay. Roger began his journey in Norwich, Norfolk, in his seat Altea in 2009, to collect a caravan in Dorset.

He explained his SAT Nav played up and took him through London. By the time he saw the ULEZ signs he was stuck in traffic and couldn't get out. In frustration, Roger said, what should have been a four-hour journey took nine hours and £300 worth of diesel. Three weeks later, he received a letter confirming the charges - which he has since tried appealing. London Transport has increased his fines to £810, which he says he cannot afford. But Rogers said: I have been told the fines will keep going up, so it's not finished yet.

I have spoken to Citizens Advice who have given me some contact details for a legal team. It's very stressing, as I can't raise the sort of cash needed to pay, and it's taking up so much of my time trying to sort this. However, I'm going to fight it to the end - these big companies assume no one can touch them - but they'll have to take this all the way. The scheme has been criticised by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and opposition Keir Starmer, both of whom say it will hit families hard.