I find statue of slaves abandoned

I find statue of slaves abandoned

Re commemorating slave traders, wandering out of the Government Museum in Chennai, India, I came across a pair of abandoned statues of imperial majesties from the Raj. It was clear that no one had know what to do with them and they had been put out back to face the elements and the solitude, covered in bird droppings and weathered by time. No plaque, nothing - just the original, faded chiselled descriptor. It struck me as a marvellously grownup and pragmatic response to the statuary of the previous regime. I recommend a similar abandonment for our own unwanted.

Professor Emeritus, Sheffield Hallam University, professor of economics.

In a way that is overloaded with consumerism, self-care looks very much like the superficial stopgap in a life overloaded with consumerism. Is the growth of'Mindfulness' a result of austerity - a free solution for a cash-strapped world? People need freedom from poverty and sickness to heal instead of colouring books sold at the supermarket.

After pubs closed, I discovered that my bicycle had been stolen, so I went directly to Grimsby police station. 'I've come to report my bike,' said the desk sergeant. What is it actually done? He was the reply of his friend.