Skybags announces a groundbreaking collaboration with Disney

Skybags announces a groundbreaking collaboration with Disney

September 29: Skybags is proud to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with Disney that brings people into the enthralling worlds of Marvel and Wakanda Forever. These two exceptional collections offer every journey with the charm of legendary storytelling, innovation, and cultural celebration.

The partnership between Skybags and Marvel, renowned for its famous superheroes, takes travelers on a thrilling adventure. The Marvel collection is a tribute to courage, heroism, and the joy of exploring. The Marvel collection, adorned with luggage pieces adorned with Marvel and Wakanda Graphics, caters to every traveler's inner hero.

Both collections illustrate Skybags' unwavering commitment to exceptional quality, functionality, and design excellence. These luggage pieces are constructed with spacious compartments and ease of movement, creating a seamless travel experience. The ability to create magical moments and stories that resonate with audiences from all ages is perfectly aligned with Skybags' mission to enhance travel experiences. Together, we look forward to introducing groundbreaking, captivating, and award-winning products that will revolutionize the way people travel and express their personal style, Smita Singla, Brand Head of Skybags said.

So, if you're ready to enhance your travel adventure and inject some serious fun into your journeys, head over to select retail stores and online stores at You can attend the Marvel and Wakanda Forever Collections collaborations, which features Skybags Disney collaborations, as your tickets to adventure and cultural celebration.