Obama's third term working out working out

Obama's third term working out working out

Groceries and food of all kinds are expensive, gas and diesel are expensive, and so are all types of insurance, health-related items, home repair goods, labor, mortgages, interest rates, electricity, automobiles, and the list goes on and on.

One day, it was estimated that 7,000 illegal immigrants crossed the southern border. President Biden's unfavorable top military advisors let a Chinese spy balloon cross our military bases. They were too busy changing the names of their bases to notice.

But these are not the real problems. In a recent speech, Biden declared that white supremacy was the greatest threat to America. In a recent letter to the editor in a local newspaper, it was alleged that Christian nationalists were a great threat to our country. If those two groups were not there, then merrily, we would all roll along.

How is Obama's third term working out? Let's start working hard to make sure there is not a fourth.