Arbitrum re-launches Odyssey campaign to attract new users

Arbitrum re-launches Odyssey campaign to attract new users

Arbitrum Is The leading Ethereum layer 2 by TVL But Lags behind zkSync Era, Starknet and Base By Transaction Throughput.

Arbitrum, the largest Ethereum layer 2 platform, has relaunched its Odyssey campaign in an effort to draw in new users.

The revamped Odyssey campaign aims to onboard users through a seven-week campaign exploring 13 Arbitrum's top protocols and communities. By accomplishing numerous tasks, participants can collect 16 NFT badges.

While Arbitrum has long controlled more than 50% of Ethereum's layer 2 ecosystem when measured by total value locked, rival networks zkSync Era, Base and recently Starknet have overtaken it in terms of throughput.

Arbitrum has hosted 15.9M transactions in the past 30 days, lagging behind the zkSync Era with 30.6M, Base with 21.4M, and Starknet with 20M, according to L2beat.

The activity on ZkSync Era and Starknet, however, is likely exaggerated by opportunistic airdrop hunters farming transactions on the networks. blockchain sleuths identified an entity controlling nearly 22,000 wallets on zkSync Era last month that had deployed a closed token and decentralized exchange to artificially generate on-chain activity.

Arbitrum first launched Odyssey in June of last year, but halted the campaign after transaction fees surged higher than Ethereum's amid the surge in activity.

When Odyssey first launched, the Arbitrum Foundation argued that the Arbitrum network was only providing around the same capacity as the Ethereum mainnet. The team then decided to halt the campaign until the completion of its Nitro upgrade, which has increased throughput by seven times.

Odyssey's first week will concentrate on GMX, a decentralized exchange that supports both spot and perpetuals markets. Other prominent projects of note include Uniswap, the leading DEX, handle Fi, a decentralized FX protocol, tofuNFT, a multi-chain NFT marketplace, and BattleFly, a play-to-earn strategy game.

Odyssey participants will not qualify for future airdrops, the Arbitrum Foundation said.

Arbitrum's native ARB token has been down 1% over the past 24 hours.