Christine Lagarde calls for Cardano staking

Christine Lagarde calls for Cardano staking

That's a gap that needs to be fixed, says Christine Lagarde, European Central Bank's Christine Lagarde, who's called for the service - in which crypto holders can post their assets to earn passive income - to be addressed in a MiCA sequel. It would probably take years, if it happens at all, and some are worried about what will happen in the meantime.

The problems of legal lacuna can be encountered in Switzerland. But it's not just Switzerland where an overly blunt approach is causing problems. The Singapore government has blocked crypto providers from facilitating staking by retail clients. Some EU laws are venturing into the topic, even before defining exactly what it is. Crypto providers must tell tax authorities about any profits their clients make through DAC8, the new tax rules that come into force in the EU.

Finma officials have been very clear and said, what we're worried about is the lock-in period and we are worried about the slashing... and we don't have any of that in Cardano. ll get to a situation where they will say... staking that does not have those features, we will deal with as we did before.