LeveX launches new analytics and VIP systems for its unique platform

LeveX launches new analytics and VIP systems for its unique platform

LeveX's unmatched integration of social trading into its platform is a game changer, creating a vibrant and connected trading community that encompasses a new era in cryptocurrency trading. Beyond this landmark feature, LeveX provides a plethora of advancements, amplifying the trading experience like never before.

LeveX, at its heart, is a renowned cryptocurrency exchange platform that provides a robust, fast, and efficient trading environment. Users can access a wide range of spot/derivatives pairs, including notable ones like BTCUSDT, ETHUSDT, and LTCUSDT, providing a wide range of trading options. With its professional perpetual agreements offering up to 100x leverage, LeveX is ahead of other leading exchanges in the crypto industry.

What distinguishes LeveX from competitors in the world of trading is its pioneering leap beyond the traditional trading experience. The platform is not just a standard that meets industry standards but goes beyond to provide unique, unprecedented features. The emergence of these distinctive offerings is based on the intersection of trading and community engagement, resulting in its next innovative feature, Social Trading.

•• Native Analytics tools: LeveX plans to incorporate analytics and data into the platform to provide equal knowledge and access for all users.

This unique platform eliminates the widespread fragmentation in the crypto trading industry. It no longer requires famous traders to maintain a presence across various platforms, creating a central hub for them to grow their following, share their insights, and directly engage with their followers through custom tournaments and funds.

This uniformity enhances users' trading experience by providing them with more information and choices than ever before. It's just as simple as logging into see what their trusted veterans trader is doing, copying a trade, or joining a fund or tournament - all in real time. Now, the new analytics tools, which are currently available through separate subscriptions, will now be integrated into the platform and accessible for free.

The combined impact of these innovations is a robust and inclusive platform that harmonizes social interactions and trading activities. LeveX provides a stronger edge and greater opportunities for its users, cultivating an environment where everyone can thrive.

Pioneer phase campaign and LeveX VIP System.

With its unprecedented 25 levels of exclusive rewards, LeveX offers a differentiated VIP system, enabling traders of all sizes to reap substantial benefits. The perks include the opportunity to win up to $500,000 in a lucky draw, with spot fees waived and traders have the opportunity to win $500,000 in the event of a lucky draw.

LeveX is planning a Pioneer Phase Campaign for the platform's inaugural period through the VIP system, along with the VIP system. The campaign will consist of multiple rewards events that encourage and allow users to trade, test, and report feedback, lavishly rewarding these pioneers with a total of $90,000 for their contributions.

LeveX recognizes and rewards the combined efforts that go into refining its platform, whether it's through active trading, providing valuable feedback, or identifying system bugs. The initiative is a testament to LeveX's vision: Creating a collaborative trading ecosystem, where innovation is fueled by collective insights and effort. The final systems that will enable this campaign are still being developed, but users should keep a close eye on all channels for the future announcements.

Users are welcome to become a part of a thriving community and register now at: www.levex.com/en/register.

LeveX is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency exchange that enables everyone to trade. The platform encompasses cutting-edge trading technologies, groundbreaking social trading features, and a unwavering commitment to transparency, fairness, and inclusivity. LeveX, founded out of frustrations experienced by traders on conventional platforms, transforms the crypto trading landscape by prioritizing user needs and bridging the information gap between professionals and everyday traders. With a strong community engagement, LeveX fosters an environment.