This micropayments platform is now available on platforms

This micropayments platform is now available on platforms

By using Post's micropayments system, which allows users to earn a small amount of money to read individual items in their feed, writers will be able to monetize their existing content.

To use the feature, a one-time setup procedure is required that enables creators to have their content ingested and distributed through Post's platform automatiquement - similar to importing an RSS feed.

Post expects that with today's public launch of the tools, it will soon have many more creators on board.

Post is a micropayments platform founded by CEO Noam Bardin, previously CEO of Waze at Google, that allows users to buy a bundle of 'points' in packets, which they use to pay for access to news articles on an individual basis. For example, the 300 points are $4.20, but you can buy up to 10,000 for a 9.5% discount, at $126.70. If publisher chooses, they can decide how many points it costs to reach their content, ranging from one point to two points, or up into double-digits.

Post generates revenue by taking a small percentage of these sales, and Bardin previously said that the average CPMs publishers have been getting from Post's platform is $25 for a paid post.

Post has also released its app for Android, which follows its arrival on iOS and desktop. All three platforms boast unique features such as native video uploads, push notifications, trending topics, expanded editing tools, sharing capabilities and autosave.

This June, Post said it had over 440,000 registered users on its platform and declined to update that figure. Over the past three months, active users have been growing by an average of 30 percent during the month-over-month and they spend more than 30 minutes per day on Post.