Celisi launches TIA tokens for data availability

Celisi launches TIA tokens for data availability

Eligible users of leading layer 2s and Cosmos can claim TIA tokens from the Modular Blockchain Project.

Celestia, a data availability project that aims to ensure that a blockchain's data is widely available, plans to launch before the end of the year, a technical term that involves ensuring that a blockchain's data is widely accessible.

Celestia will launch the TIA token as part of its launch and the token will be used to pay for data availability services. TIA will also be used for governance and to establish consensus in the project's proof-of-stake blockchain - Celestia is using the Cosmos SDK, a leading framework for developing application-specific blockchains, to deploy its own solution.

The launch of TIA will include a drop of 6% of the token's 1B supply-appropriate users, including those who contributed to public goods and other research efforts associated with Celestia, early adopters of Ethereum rollups like Arbitrum and Optimism, and stakers in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Eligible users can claim TIA testnet tokens for the next three weeks.

Celestia is a growing trend in crypto to modularize blockchains, as instead of one solution being responsible for various functions like executing and settling transactions, solutions like Celestia unbundle different aspects of the blockchain stack.

The modular model has its critics - Kyle Samani, partner at venture firm Multicoin Capital, which raised $422M in 2022, has argued that modular architecture adds too much complexity for developers.

In 2022, Celestia raised $55 million from leading crypto venture outfits like Polychain and Bain Capital. Celestia's website states that the TIA airdrop is not available in the United States.