Warner Bros. plans major expansion of UK studios

Warner Bros. plans major expansion of UK studios

Discovery has announced plans for a major expansion of the UK studios where its biggest movie of all time was filmed.

The investment will create 4,000 'direct and indirect' jobs globally, the company said on Friday.

The location will become the main production hub for the DC studios franchise if the expansion is completed in 2027, the company said in a statement.

The summer smash hit is also the biggest worldwide release of the studio, a title previously held by the 2008 blockbuster The summer smash hit. ''The box office comparisons don't take inflation into account.

The show and the series were also shot at the Leavesden studios. Tours of the studios, visiting sets used in the production can be made available to fans.

News of Warner Bros.' expansion in the UK comes as Warner Bros. announced Monday that it will expand its operations in the United Kingdom. Discovery is grappling with prolonged strikes by artists and writers in the United States, which havehalted the production of most shows and movies and will cost the company up to $500 million this year.

The protests have also paralyzed three other major Hollywood studios, including Disney, Netflix and NBCUniversal. The striking writers and heads of the four studios ended a'marathon session' of negotiations without reaching a deal Thursday evening, a source close to the matter told CNN.

The UK spent a record-breaking £6.27 billion on production of movies and high-end television shows last year, the British Film Institute said in a statement.