Ethereum founder Buterin's Twitter account hacked

Ethereum founder Buterin's Twitter account hacked

The Twitter account of Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, has posted a phony scam that resulted in many users' wallets being drained of tokens and valuable NFTs.

On Saturday, Vitalik Buterin's social media account was hacked by a hacker. A malicious actor on Buterin's X handle used him to post a phishing link. Buterin's apparent endorsement of Buterin's claim led to a number of users losing high-value NFTs.

Victims were lured into the prospect of minting an commemorative ConsenSys NFT, but found that their wallets drained once they confirmed a transaction on the phishing site. At one point, a crypto sleuth ZachXBT said, the hacker has amassed at least $691,000 worth of stolen loot.

Among the hacker's spoils was a piece of NFT history, the first to be claimed by a member of the general public, according to X user.

The current highest bid for a Crypto Punk in the NFT market, Blur, is 45 ETH, or approximately $73,500.

The post has been taken down, and Buterin has yet to post on X since the incident happened. It's not clear what caused the account to be hacked.