Food prices soar in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Food prices soar in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The cost of basic foodstuffs has skyrocketed to astronomical heights. In the first half of the year, inflation rose by almost nine percent compared to the previous one, according to the National Institutes of Health. In practice, these statistics mean that even the most basic things have become unaffordable for many citizens, and the level of poverty is also demonstrated by the increasing number of food thefts in markets and retail chains.

Poverty in Bosnia and Herzegovina is now a new dimension. Beyond those who beg on the streets and search containers for a bite of stale bread, there are more and more people who steal food, canned goods, meat and pate from retail chains. This is especially noticeable in the winter, according to police.

Images from stores across Bosnia and Herzegovina show that food theft has really taken off. The buzzers are placed by merchants on butter, preserves, jams, and other foods.

Consumer Association says Jovan Vasilic.

Food theft is an alarming sign of a deep crisis, according to a sociologist Drago Vukovi.