LickLuxembrokeshire protocol LayerZero adds support to Google Cloud

LickLuxembrokeshire protocol LayerZero adds support to Google Cloud

On Sept. 19th, LayerZero, a popular cross-chain interoperability protocol, has added support for the Google Cloud oracle, which is now available to all LayerZero-based applications and will become the protocol's default configuration.

The news is coming as Google Cloud continues to expand its web3 presence.

Blockchain Node Engine launched its Blockchain Node Engine in October of last year, first offering node management services for Ethereum validators before expanding the product to support other Proof of Stake blockchains. Google Cloud has teamed up with OKX to host a web3 hackathon in April.

Google's parent company, Google, has also been making strides to embrace web3. In July, Google added new terms of service for Play Store to support blockchain-based in-app content, including NFTs and secondary markets.

On the same day, a video surfaced of a layerZero team member, Robert Collura, appearing to shoot down expectations of a forthcoming layerZero airdrop during the Permissionless II conference.

Bryan Pellegrino, CEO of LayerZero, responded to the video on X, saying that the comments were taken out of context.

Pellegrino, 58, tweets about his victory in the semifinals of the World Cup.

That's undoubtedly a welcome relief for the over 3M users that have pushed more than 60 million transactions on LayerZero, hoping for a future airdrop.