Dutch watchdog rejects Apple's complaints over App Store fines

Dutch watchdog rejects Apple's complaints over App Store fines

Dutch competition watchdog ACM said it had rejected Apple's complaints about fines of 50 million euros it gave the company over failure to comply with orders to limit the dominant position of Apple's App Store.

The ACM said Apple has complied with most of its demands to open its App Store to alternative forms of payment for dating apps in the Netherlands, but had not met an undisclosed third element of the conditions related to the fines.

In 2021, the ACM ruled that Apple violated Dutch competition laws in the dating app market and required Apple to allow dating apps to use third-party payment processors.

It has fined Apple 5 million euro per week, eventually reaching 50 million euro during the time it didn't comply.

The decision was contested by Apple, saying that the government had misinterpreted important markets and overestimated Apple's dominance in the dating app market.

The Federal Trade Commission rejected all of Apple's arguments in a decision dated July 13, 2023.

The original order is degraded investment incentives and is not in the best interests of our users' privacy or data security, Apple said in a statement.

The ACM said it would publish the still-undisclosed part of the proceedings if Apple wins the case in court.