Cryptocurrency denizens wasted this week

Cryptocurrency denizens wasted this week

The U.S. regulatory agency has offered very little to the international crypto community to chew on this week. On Thursday, VanEck's SEC-approved Ethereum futures ETF was confirmed, adding modest gains to the bags of Ethereum holders. Beyond that, lawmakers in Washington appear to be dragging their feet compared to their European counterparts-distracted as they were with a very close call with a government shutdown.

However, the denizens of Crypto Twitter were nothing but sedentary. The week started with news of a 200 million-euro token exploit on the Mixin Network, a decentralized exchange-slash-wallet project that enables cross-chain cryptocurrency transfers.

In similar news, the Seychelles-based exchange HTX was also exploited. TRON CEO Justin Sun also offers the hackers a high bounty, which he even offered them a job.

In a tweet, Grieve said the dangers of overlooking computing power as a national resource. While Grieve's reflections have not happened in the U.S. so far, Grieve's reflections were sparked by a Semafor article that implied it could be a potential avenue for lawmakers to explore.

On Tuesday, the popular crypto sleuth ZachXBT couldn't resist doxxing Ben Armstrong after the latter posted that he was in a'special location'. He was arrested in the middle of his livestream to 2,500 people. What is the charge? Loitering at a former business partner's house.

Cryptocurrency analyst Adam Cochran believes TRON's CEO Justin Sun is in tougher financial straits than he lets on. While this is only speculation, Cochran's warning recalls last year when ostensibly solvent crypto companies fell one after the other.

The SEC has enacted yet more delaying tactics in dealing with the pending Bitcoin eTF applications, according to Bloomberg ETF analyst James Seyffert.

A popular Twitter fad this week was sharing videos of SEC Chairman Gary Gensler being interrogated by the House Financial Services Committee.

Aaand here's a picture of a couple of blockchain fans in Washington who photobombed the Sheriff of Cryptoville.

Binance said in a statement on Wednesday that it was liquidating its Russian operations.

Changpeng's CEO, Changpeng 'CZ' Zhao, must have been fielding many questions about the deal, as he hit Twitter to set the record straight.

As the week came to a close, Adam Cochran returned with an impressive 25-tweet thread exploring hidden connections between Binance, Russia, and Prigozhin, the Russian rebel who led a one-day revolt against Putin earlier this year.