French President Macron asks for help in tackling bedbugs

French President Macron asks for help in tackling bedbugs

Macron, the President of France, has called for help in tackling bedbugs in the French capital.

A bedbug outbreak in France, especially Paris, is mainly found on the upholstery of seats on public transport, such as trains and planes, and even in cinemas and hospitals.

Scientists say that microbes are more likely to mutate into superbugs.

The networks, according to the Daily Mail, have been filled with videos of public transport users filming these insects in places like the Paris metro, high-speed trains and Paris Charles-de-Gaulle airport.

Minister of transport Clément Beaune said he would convene representatives of public transport operators next week to inform them about countermeasures and how to do more to protect passengers.

The bedbugs, which had largely vanished from everyday life in the 1950s, have re-emerged in recent times, mainly due to high population densities and increased public transport.

One tenth of French households have had a bedbug problem in recent years, which usually involves a pest control operation costing several hundred euros and often has to be repeated.

The Paris city council on Thursday urged President Emmanuel Macron's government to help with the infestation, including by setting up a specific task force.

France's national health agency recommended that people check their hotel beds when travelling and take care when bringing used furniture or used mattresses into their homes.

While bedbugs are known for nesting in beds, they can also hide in clothing and luggage. In the evening, they come out to feed on human blood.

They leave red spots, blisters or large rashes on the skin, which can lead to intense itching or allergic reactions. Psychological distress, sleep issues, anxiety and depression can also be caused by these conditions.

According to the French authorities, the appearance of insects, which can grow to 7 millimetres long, is not related to hygiene levels.

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