Cruise's former CEO Zipper says it's 100 times less than human drivers

Cruise's former CEO Zipper says it's 100 times less than human drivers

What's the point of human-driven cars in cities?

Vogt sketched out a future in which city residents and community members would one day stand up to oppose the presence of human-driven vehicles, particularly in urban centers with high pedestrian density. Vogt said cruise vehicles get into 75% fewer collisions that could cause injuries, a statistic that will only improve over time.

Cruise robotaxis have been involved in collisions, including recent ones with a fire truck, but haven't killed anyone yet. However, Apple has angered residents and agencies of the city because its AVs fail and stop in the middle of the road, disrupting the flow of public transportation, traffic and first responders.

When asked if cruise would lobby local governments to eliminate human-driven vehicles in urban areas, Vogt said the company would be honored to join the fight and help in some way. But he doesn't think cruise will have to do a thing because the city residents would be the ones leading the charge, metabolizing the safety records of AVs versus human drivers.

s 100 times less safe than the other to coexist in that space, Vogt said.

Banning human drivers in favor of cars that are driven by a computer misses the point of why so many European cities - like Paris, Oslo, Ghent and Pontevedra - are removing cars in the first place, Zipper said. Although safety is a key component of the equation, it's also about promoting pedestrian-friendly spaces and reducing traffic congestion.

Cruise's aim is to expand its robotaxis service through a fleet of Origins, a custom vehicle built without a steering wheel or pedals, and with six seats facing each other to make pooled rides easier. Vogt says by pooling rides, cities can actually decrease the number of vehicles on roads, resulting in a decrease in traffic.

As an introvert who wants to be stuck in close quarters with a stranger who is probably smelly, rude, creepy, or just plain rude, let's put aside the fact that pooled rides are not very popular - who wants to be stuck in close quarters with a stranger who is potentially smelly, rude, creepy or just generally unpleasant? Zipper adds that if AVs end up doing what they are meant to do, that is to make taking car trips easier, it'll actually result in more people looking to ride in cars, which could create more gridlock.

God, what a wonderful place to be. Is it really easy to get around in a car? Zipper said it was possible that Zipper will be able to make a difference in the market in the next few years. There is no reason to think that removing drivers and inserting technology into their place is going to change that. I can't think of AVs as enhancers of the city life, he said.