Tom Hanks says movie's 'uncanny valley' could be turned into movies

Tom Hanks says movie's 'uncanny valley' could be turned into movies

We were told this could happen, said Tom Hanks, director of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

The Oscar-winning actor has criticized the use of artificial intelligence in the entertainment industry, with the 2004 film The Polar Express being the first time that his digital adornment was fed into a computer.

In the classic Christmas movie The Polar Express, a 2004 classic Christmas movie that starred Hanks in numerous roles, the motion-capture technology used to record his and other actors' subtle facial expressions and muscle movements. In a computer, the data was inputted and transformed into 3D rendering for a movie that combines live action with motion-capture computer animation to create its 'uncanny valley' characters.

The actress, Forrest Gump, spoke on the podcast shortly after the start of the Hollywood writers' strike and before the Hollywood actors' guild had arrived in the following month. Both groups asked for guardrails in their agreements on how AI technology could be utilized in film and television projects.

A tentative agreement between writers and studios has been reached on Wednesday, with studios agreeing to not use AI to write or edit scripts, nor use AI-generated content as'source material' that screenwriters could be paid a lower fee to adapt. The actor's strike is still ongoing, with negotiations expected to resume this week.

A major fear of the actors is that studios will use AI to profit off actors' likenesses without their permission, which Hanks said is already happening, as the unauthorized dental-plan video shows.

On the podcast, Kim Hanks said, "I don't feel like I have to listen to the news every day.