Aptos Labs and Microsoft team up to offer Web3 solutions

Aptos Labs and Microsoft team up to offer Web3 solutions

Collaboration with Tech Giant Aspires to Drive AI tool innovation, enhance Aptos security, and expand Web3 access.

The Aptos blockchain company, Aptos Labs, has teamed up with Microsoft to offer Web3 developers and users access to a joint suite of AI-supported tools.

S AI marks a crucial turning point, bringing an end to the longstanding hurdles to web3 entry, said Mo Shaikh, the co-founder and CEO of Aptos Labs.

The companies are working together to launch the Aptos Assistant, a chat-based bot designed to serve as an onboarding tool to provide natural language assistance for users and developers in the Aptos ecosystem. On Monday, Microsoft's Github will add support for the Move programming language to Copilot, a developer AI tool that automatically completes code.

Aptos will also run Validator Nodes on Azure as part of the partnership, utilizing Microsoft's infrastructure to enhance the security of the Aptos blockchain.

Aptos' native APT token spiked 15% on the news and is currently trading around $7.49, Coingecko said.

Aptos Labs said the two companies will explore AI x DeFi innovation-like asset tokenization, payments, and Central Bank Digital Currencies-to advance Web3 adoption from financial enterprises.