Karnsey's Kraken is reportedly planning to offer U.S. listed stocks

Karnsey's Kraken is reportedly planning to offer U.S. listed stocks

The cryptocurrency exchange, which has secured an EU e-money license, is reportedly planning to offer trading of U.S. listed stocks.

The 12-year-old cryptocurrency company is planning to explore the world outside of crypto by offering ETFs and U.S.-listed stocks, Bloomberg said in a statement.

Cryptocurrency exchange platform Kraken Securities will first launch this offering via its new division called Kraken Securities for the U.S. and the U.K., according to the report. Kraken has already secured regulatory permits in the U.K. and applied for licenses in the U.S., particularly with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

In 2024, Kraken is reportedly planning to roll out the offering.

The report came on the heels of the exchange's announcement of its receipt of authorization from the Central Bank of Ireland as an e-money institution.

This license enables Kraken to offer its EUR fiat services to 27 European Union Member States and the European Economic Area countries.

's announcement marks another important milestone in our European expansion strategy,' said Curtis Ting, vice president of global operations at Kraken.

Ting added: There are no easy answers to the question of whether he will be able to continue serving as president.

re committed to the ongoing investment in our European business, as we continue our efforts to advance the adoption of crypto within Europe in the years ahead, he said.

apart from the EMI license, Kraken has also successfully registered as a virtual asset service provider with the Bank of Spain, further cementing the exchange's continued pursuit to expand its European business.

The license granted by Kraken enables it to offer cryptocurrency exchange and custodial wallet services to Spanish customers in Spain.