Mike Lawler rebukes Matt Gaetz for attempting to oust House Speaker

Mike Lawler rebukes Matt Gaetz for attempting to oust House Speaker

Rep. Mike Lawler has publicly rebuked his colleague, Rep. Matt Gaetz, for attempting to remove House Speaker Kevin McCarthy from his leadership position.

What happened to McCarthy's position as House Speaker, Gaetz has been pushing to oust him and initiate a move to unseat him. Gaetz alleges that McCarthy collusioned with Democrats to avoid a government shutdown and accuses him of secretly negotiating with President Joe Biden on aid for Ukraine.

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Lawler said the actions of Gaetz could jeopardize the Republicans' efforts under McCarthy to create a bill aimed at cutting spending and advancing other conservative causes.

Lawler also said that GOP conference members are 'weary' of Gaetz's disruptive behavior. Lawler said there was no need for such nonsense to be spoken about.

Frustration has been growing among Gaetz and a group of other far-right Republicans at McCarthy's use of Democratic votes to pass a temporary budget extension to avert a partial government shutdown. McCarthy's group had backed McCarthy into a corner by consistently obstructing other legislation.

McCarthy has criticized Gaetz's leadership challenge as a disruption, asserting his confidence in surviving.