Michael Lewis book reveals how FTX architects asked to recreate Sam Bankman-Fried's hairdo

Michael Lewis book reveals how FTX architects asked to recreate Sam Bankman-Fried's hairdo

The architects in the Bahamas were asked to make the FTX headquarters resemble Sam Bankman-Fried's characteristic hairdo, according to Michael Lewis' biography.

Given little direction from executives, the pair observed FTX employees in the'madeshift jungle huts' they were working from and asked them what they wanted for the new offices.

That brought up one anecdote about a doorway that FTX spent $1 million moving before the architects received a list of three ideas they were told were from Bankman-Fried.

The FTX founder wanted the building to be shaped like an F, have a plinth to showcase a tungsten cube he bought for $250,000, and for the side of the building to evoke his unruly hair, Lewis wrote.

The architects then found out the list wasn't even from Bankman-Fried, but somebody else at FTX who tried to imagine what he might want, and Bankman-Fried knew nothing about it, according to the biography.

The campus was never actually constructed, but there was a groundbreaking ceremony in April 2022.

The plan also included two hotel towers, offices, and an athletics center, according to The Nassau Guardian, which reported it cost $60 million.

Before Bankman-Fried gave a speech yesterday, Rosenfield asked him how much of the FTX founder's plans the founder had seen. He responded: 'I've seen nothing', per the biography. He added that he was planning to wing the speech.

After the ceremony, Rosenfield finally managed to ask Bankman-Fried what one thing he wanted to do at the headquarters, aside from work purposes. According to the book, his answer was badminton courts.

Lewis said Rosenfield had made a good decision, saying that he would be able to hire someone to represent the company in the future.