U2 concert at Las Vegas entertainment venue inaugurated with stunning video

U2 concert at Las Vegas entertainment venue inaugurated with stunning video

The Las Vegas Sphere was inaugurated by U2 with a performance, marking the venue's debut.

The massive dome adorned with over a million LEDs makes the dome a one-of-a-kind technological marvel. Video footage from the concert is surfacing in social media, highlighting the stunning and, possibly, awe-inspiring visual extravaganza offered by the Sphere.

The enchanting, yet intense experience shows the significant investment required to bring such a concert to fruition.

On Tuesday, a user named @BetterPitchGuy took to Twitter to discuss the economics behind the MSG Sphere, an entertainment venue in Las Vegas. The tweet referred to the Sphere's pitch deck detailing the construction cost and per-day advertising fee.

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The Sphere, part of the Sphere Entertainment Co SPHR and Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp empire, debuted with a U2 concert that stormed the social media landscape.

To recover its construction cost alone through advertising revenue, the sphere would require ads for approximately 5,111 consecutive days, or roughly 14 years, to recover its construction cost. This calculates the venue's one-day advertising fee, which is $450,000.

Note that advertising isn't the only revenue source for the sphere, but our calculations are based on a hypothetical scenario.

The Venetian Resort, located in the Venetian Resort, has been recognized for its futuristic design and unique concert-viewing experience. The addition is a notable addition to the Sphere Entertainment portfolio, which also includes MSG Networks.

On Monday, Sphere Entertainment Co's stock rose 120.64% to $41.64, while Madison Square Garden Sports dipped slightly to 0.60% at $175.23.

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