Bulgaria to impose ban on entry of Russian cars

Bulgaria to impose ban on entry of Russian cars

By the of the day on Monday, 2 October, a ban on the entry of Russian cars on the territory of Bulgaria will become effective on the territory of Bulgaria, the Border Police director Chief Commissioner Anton Zlatanov said in an interview with public service TV BNT.

Two days ago, MP Delyan Peevski asked the government to implement immediately the European ban on the entry into the country of cars with Russian registration. Peevski urged the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Finance to instruct the border police and customs to apply the European Commission ban, which was sent over two weeks ago and is part of sanctions against Russia over the war it is waging against Ukraine.

In June, Zlatanov said that a ban on the entry of trucks has been in place for several months. The measure was introduced by the European Commission on 11 September, and is now in place in Finland, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Finland and Norway.