British Sikh activists prevent Indian envoy from entering Glasgow Gurdwara

British Sikh activists prevent Indian envoy from entering Glasgow Gurdwara

On 29 September, British Sikh activists reportedly prevented Indian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom Vikram Doraiswami from entering a gurdwara in Scotland.

A pro-Khalistan Sikh activist, who gave out information of the incident, said that some of them found out Doraiswami had a meeting planned with the Gurdwara committee of the Glasgow Gurdwara on Albert Drive.

He added that the gurdwara committee is too happy about the incident. But Indian officials are not welcome in any Gurdwara in the UK, he said.

This comes amid a row between India and Canada over the killing of Khalistani extreme right-winger Hardeep Singh Nijjar on June 18, in British Columbia. The standoff began after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused India of 'potential' involvement in the killing of Nijjar on his country's soil. In 2020, India had named Nijjar as a terrorist.

India rebuffed the allegations as 'distracted' and'motivated' and expelled a senior Canadian diplomat in a tit-for-tat move to Ottawa's expulsion of an Indian official.

The governments of Canada and India are going to talk to each other and see how they resolve their differences over the death of a Khalistani separatist, Minister of External Affairs S Jaishankar has said. During an interaction in Washington on Friday, Trump said India was ready to look into the information related to the 'potential' involvement of Indian agents in the killing of Nijjar.

India has had an ongoing problem with Canada and its government for some years now, Jaishankar said, and the problem really revolves around the 'permissiveness in regard to terrorism, extremism and ballots'.

The sources on Wednesday told the PTI news agency that pro-Khalistan elements based in Canada have been luring gullible Sikh youth to the North American country by sponsoring their visas with the sole objective of using them to carry out their agenda on Canadian soil.