South Korean gaming giant Wemade to use Chainlink's CCIP to build Unagi ecosystem

South Korean gaming giant Wemade to use Chainlink's CCIP to build Unagi ecosystem

Wemade, a south Korean gaming giant, will use Chainlink's Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol to create an interoperable Web3 gaming ecosystem.

Wemade said it will power its Unagi omnichain ecosystem with Chainlink CCIP on Oct. 3 in order to support its Unagi omnichain ecosystem. Wemix's Unbound Networking and Accelerating growth initiative is a initiative by Wemix to establish a unified ecosystem by connecting and facilitating seamless interactions between blockchains to boost their adoption.

Unagi currently supports 8 blockchains, such as Avalanche, Polygon, Arbitrum, BNB Smart Chain, Optimism, and Ethereum, amongst others.

Wemade's choice of Chainlink's CCIP stems from its robust security measures, a response to the increasing threats faced by cross-chain protocols. The risk management network is determined to maintain continuousvigilance over potential illicit cross-chain activities, ensuring this security.

This collaboration will give Chainlink exclusive authority to the CCIP, enabling Unagi to become a cornerstone of the omnichain initiative. The CCIP is a crucial component of the omnichain protocol, encompassing both off-chain and on-chain functions.

Wemade also revealed that Chainlink Labs has become the first official member of its Certified Organizations for Unagi Round Table group.

COURT is a group that prioritizes the development, construction, and advancement of an omni-chain ecosystem.

Wemade and Chainlink are working together to create cross-chain systems connecting multiple blockchain networks. Then, this system would be used for easy communication and a secure transfer of assets between blockchains.

Wemade's CEO, Henry Chang, said that both companies have a shared vision for the on-chain future. Chainlink's co-founder, Sergey Nazarov, said he was excited to help expand the adoption of Web3 gaming.