Taco Bell adds breakfast tacos to its menu

Taco Bell adds breakfast tacos to its menu

For the first time, Taco Bell is adding breakfast tacos to its menu as of Oct. 12 for a limited time. At $1.49 each, the tacos are comprised of eggs and cheese, with the option to add bacon, sausage, or potato, folded in a toasted tortilla.

Taco Bell has been dedicated to promoting its breakfast options during the past year, in contrast to the increased competition from other fast food chains, such as McDonald's and Wendy's. Taco Bell even invited comedian Pete Davidson to apologize for some of its past breakfast-food fads, such as the much-maligned Waffle Taco.

In 2021, Taco Bell brought breakfast back on the menu, following a brief pandemic-induced pause. But its breakfast sales lag compared to other chains like McDonald's, which says breakfast items account for about 25 percent of its revenue. Just 6% of Taco Bell's sales comes from breakfast, the chain previously said.

Bolstering breakfast is a smart business decision. A recent report from research firm NPD Group found that business for mornings has remained steady in the second quarter of 2022, while lunch and dinner declined in the midst of rising menu prices.

In celebration of National Taco Day, Taco Bell has announced that it's bringing back its Taco Lover's Pass subscription program for two days only. For the next month, customers can buy a pass that gives them one free taco, including its breakfast tacos. The offer is effective on Monday and ends on Wednesday.

Taco Bell's only catch is that customers must be enrolled in Taco Bell's digital rewards program. The promotion is intended to lure customers with a free taco in hopes of adding more to their order and boosting the amount they spend at the restaurant. It also offers restaurant owners information about their eating habits that helps them tailor their offerings to customers' preferences.

In a previous earnings call in September, Yum Brands, which owns the taco chain, said it is aiming to grow digital sales with more exclusives, such as this one. The company said it expects users enrolled in its loyalty program to spend 35% more compared to prior to joining. In August, Taco Bell's worldwide sales total $7 billion, or nearly half of its worldwide sales.