How to save on Black Friday

How to save on Black Friday

It's like'shopping Armageddon,' says Charles Lindsey, associate professor of marketing at the University at Buffalo School of Management. ''holiday wallets'' before other retailers can, he says.

Approach internet sales with a plan, says Lars Perner, assistant professor of clinical marketing at the University of Southern California. '' you may end up buying things that you otherwise would not have bought, '' he adds.

Timeboxing is a concept you've heard of before, and it's a common skill that you've learned. It's a strategy that you schedule time for a task, stay with it for a short burst, then move on. The concept promotes focus and clarity of objective, according to the Project Management Institute. For a more focused and budget-conscious online shopping experience, you can use this method.

Sometime you end your day with a half-hour online to browse the deals when your mind is clear and guard is up against overbooking.

Pay a good price and know it.

He added: 'It is not going to be 45% off the regular price. It's more likely to be a percentage off the item's list or recommended retail price, which may not reflect what the retailer typically charges.

NerdWallet's data shows that Prime Day and early October sales like Prime Big Deal Days present prices competitive with Black Friday, but there's no substitute for the real thing. Actual Black Friday sales events still happen, and there's less threat of disruption this year.

When holiday sales kickoff days have a regular place on the calendar and in the culture, it's hard to put down the phone or close the laptop. If you can resist temptation, you could save the most money by skipping deal days completely.