Iraqi asylum seeker Latif Sharif, married to 2 accomplices, executed in Finland

Iraqi asylum seeker Latif Sharif, married to 2 accomplices, executed in Finland

The newspaper reported that Latif Sharif, who was married to the two men who carried out the murders, was sentenced to death by hanging along with the two men who carried out the murders, according to local police, albeit with assurances that he would not be executed on account of his Norwegian nationality. He was one of eleven people who escaped from the Zirga prison in Duhok in January 2012, a northern governorate in the autonomous Kurdistan region of Iraq.

In February 2014, he landed in Finland, filing an asylum application under a different name in which he claimed that he was a Syrian national fleeing conscription in a civil war-torn Syria.

Even though Finnish authorities had no reason to doubt the story because of his contradictory stories, use of forged documents and damaged fingertips, the Finnish Immigration Service granted him asylum in late 2015 after determining that he is likely from Syria.

Until now, Latif Sharif was living in Finland for two years before becoming the attention of the authorities. In 2017 the Finnish Security Intelligence Service warned Migri that the man could pose a threat to national security.

If the person has ties to terrorism and illegal espionage, such statements can be issued only when the subject has ties to terrorism and other activities with ramifications for national security.

Helsingin Sanomat said that the man is unlikely to be extradited. The international treaties do not allow the extradition of people to nations under the threat of death penalty, torture, or persecution. The extradition to Norway is impossible due to language in the national legislation that has been identified as needing attention for years, the state prosecutor Tuuli Eerolainen, the state prosecutor, told the daily newspaper on Sunday.

As soon as today, I will contact the ministry's department of criminal policy and criminal law and ask for an inquiry into whether there's a loophole in the legislation and what could be done about it, she said.

Neither Iraq nor Norway has asked for the extradition of Latif Sharif.

Minister Meri has said she cannot comment on any individual case, saying that she cannot comment on any individual cases.

'' I'm not going to get away with murder,'' she said.

Minister of the Interior Mari Rantanen said her ministry is already drafting revisions to a Provision of the aliens Act that pertains to the verification of identity in order to strengthen the verification duty of authorities.

t comment on an individual case, but I'll say on a general level that it's absolutely clear that this kind of thing surely doesn't align with anyone's sense of justice. It's good that these kind of things are brought up.