Crypto-sharing app PostTech sees $5M in trading in the past 2 days

Crypto-sharing app PostTech sees $5M in trading in the past 2 days

Cryptocurrency work is a surefire way to attract copycats.

After the success of, social media users are flocking to PostTech, which has seen more than $5M in trading volume in the past two days and a half, according to a Dune Analytics dashboard. Users have also surged past 30,000 since Sept. 16 from just 733 Sept. 16.

The trading fees for PostTech and are a major difference in terms of sharing the fees between creators and holders, rather than having to pay for the platform.

Users can earn ETH by buying, selling, and trading shares and creating content on the platform, and can earn points by performing various activities.

PostTech appears to be the first application to pose a meaningful challenge to's breakaway success. The SocialFi app that has captivated crypto over the past month saw its first net outflow of ETH in 20 days.

It also seems like is not the only application that deeply inspired Post Tech's design - the newcomer looks nearly identical to X.

Post Tech's developers chose Arbitrum, the top Ethereum layer 2 by TVL, while chose Cox's recently launched Base, which has seen activity drop from a record 21 transactions per second on Sept. 14.