Google Cloud becomes one of its validators for Polygon

Google Cloud becomes one of its validators for Polygon

The platform now boasts the same infrastructure that powers YouTube and Gmail as Google Cloud becomes one of its validators.

Google Cloud, a public cloud computing service offering by search engine giant Google, is now a validator for the layer-2 blockchain polygon proof-of-stake network, joining more than 100 other validators in securing the network.

Polygon said it was forming a joint venture with Polygon for its exploration and development of oil fields.

s Collective security, governance and decentralization alongside 100+ other validators, Google Cloud announced on Sept. 29.

In April, the collaboration between Google Cloud and Polygon began, with both companies saying at the time that the partnership had multiple objectives.

Polygon, speaking at a news conference, said: 'It's a good thing that we're going to do,' he said.

Google's cloud-computing business added 11 networks to its Big Query program in September for public datasets.

Among the networks added by Google Cloud were Polygon, Polkadot and Optimism.

While Google Cloud's partnership with Polygon is extensive, it is not one of a kind since Google Cloud has already made similar Validator collaborations with other blockchain networks in the past, such as Tezos, Ronin Network, Celo, Voltage and Solana.

However, apart from Google Cloud, Polygon has gained the attention of big tech companies in its ecosystem.

Deutsche Telekom, the German telecommunications firm, became a network validator for Polygon earlier this year.

Dirk Röder, head of Deutsche Telekom's Blockchain Solutions Center, said the firm's operations are focused on blockchain solutions.