Satoshi Nakamoto X resurfaces with another tweet

 Satoshi Nakamoto X resurfaces with another tweet

The elusive Satoshi Nakamoto X handle, which had been absent from the public eye for five years, has resurfaced with another tweet this week.

The mining rewards for validating transactions are cut in half during Bitcoin halving, a preordained event that occurs every four years. The next Bitcoin halving will take place in April 2024.

Is the SEC going to approve the long-awaited Bitcoin Spot ETF? If you're a passive spectator, you won't just be a passive spectator. A stay at the floating palace from James Bond has been taken over by Craig' Wright, a controversial figure who has made repeated claims of being the true Nakamoto. Ager-Hanssen said he was an ardent supporter of Craig Wright, who was known as @andyrowe on Twitter.

However, the actual identity of the controller of the @satoshi X handle remains unverified.

Bitcoin SV, a cryptocurrency that branched out from Bitcoin on Tuesday, experienced a significant surge in value. The price of BSV rose by 20 percent.

In the past 24 hours, BTC had a trading value of $27,362.22 down 0.86%, according to Benzinga Pro.

What's the value of a $1 million payday in Shiba Inu, if SHIB hit 1 cent?