Bubblegum uses Merkle trees to reduce costs of Minting on Solana

Bubblegum uses Merkle trees to reduce costs of Minting on Solana

Bubblegum From Metaplex Leverages Merkle Trees To Lower costs of Minting and Interacting With NFTs.

Bubblegum, a tool that reduces the cost ofinteracting with NFTs on the Solana blockchain, is routinely used to mint over 3M NFTs on a weekly basis.

Drip Haus, a project by Bubblegum, enables creators to mint and airdrop NFTs. Since early 2023, Drip has been touting Bubblegum's compression technology.

It's notable that Solana has been using a cost-saving feature for so many years. A simple token transaction on Ethereum requires $0.63 while Solana transactions typically cost fractions of a cent.

Bubblegum utilizes Merkle Trees, a data structure widely used across blockchains, to lower the cost of issuance of cNFTs. Sonning items in a Merkle Tree scales logarithmically, meaning that minting larger numbers of NFTs results in lower costs per cNFT.

To be certain, mints don't equate to a hot market for NFTs on Solana - data from Solscan shows volume in SOL terms for NFTs has been relatively flat over the past 90 days.

Metaplex, created Bubblegum, also features a framework for launching NFTs on Solana called Candy Machine, and updated its protocol in January to allow creators of NFTs to enforce royalties.