Idris Elba is not averse to the trend of crypto

Idris Elba is not averse to the trend of crypto

Cryptocurrencies are not thriving in the past few years. The sector has been grappling with frauds, hacks, and epic billion-dollar collapses, and celebrities who participated in the boom times have faced public scrutiny, including the case of Kim Kardashian and Paul Pierce, which was filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Idris Elba, the English actor known for roles in Luther and Beasts of No Nation, is not averse to the trend. He recently signed up with Stellar, a blockchain that launched in 2014 that promotes cross-border payments, but hasn't found a hold on more prominent competitors like Ethereum. Elba is not promoting tokens or investment initiatives, but instead promoting the vague ideal of financial inclusion promised by Stellar.

In terms of brand ambassadorship, there's only a real question for Idris Elba when it comes to crypto. Stringer Bell, the gangster of HBO classic The Wire, was aspired to run his criminal operation like a corporation and enrolled in business school classes, his most well-known role. In the third season of the series, Bell faced an unfortunate end at the hands of his onetime friend and partner. This would mean Bell's demise came in 2004 or five years before the creation of Bitcoin and the inception of the crypto industry.

What if Bell was able to survive? What if Bell was able to survive? For years, Bitcoin was seen as a godsend to the criminal enterprise, a pseudonymous way to send money globally, unrestricted by the banking system, and untraceable to law enforcement. The early days of crypto were marked by dark web marketplaces, such as Silk Road, where curious buyers could purchase anything from bespoke drugs to hit men, using Bitcoin as a payment method.

The past few years have alienated the idea of Bitcoin's anonymity, with companies such as Chainalysis developing tools to use crypto's system of public addresses to trace transactions to their source, a resource that law enforcement agencies have utilized to exceptional success.

Fortune had the opportunity to catch up with Elba at Stellar's Meridian conference in Madrid, where he mused about Bell's potential reaction to Bitcoin.

Would Bell have instructed his minions to adopt Bitcoin just as they developed an elaborate system of burner phones to avoid wire-tapping?

Elba said he was disappointed by the report, which did not reflect the views of his peers.