Former Andreessen Horowitz investor Katie Haun says she's still optimistic about the future of crypto

Former Andreessen Horowitz investor Katie Haun says she's still optimistic about the future of crypto

Katie Haun, who left Andreessen Horowitz two years ago, raised two crypto funds totaling $1.5 billion. At TechCrunch Disrupt, she reflected on what has happened over the past couple of years and confirmed that she's still very optimistic about the future of crypto.

When Katie Haun was general partner at a16z, bitcoin was trading at $65,000 and Sam Bankman-Fried was still at the helm of FTX. Haun, who argues, agrees that those things set the space back considerably. But it's not a bad time to be a crypto investor.

In addition to the larger venture, Haun Ventures recently closed two deals without announcing them in two 'iconic brands' in crypto that are growing rapidly. Haun did not name any of those companies, he said.

Haun said she hasn't deployed half of the larger fund. She added: 'It is considerably less than that,' she said.

She has no regrets about raising $1.5 billion in her two-year-old venture. She thinks it's the right size, and she believes Haun Ventures will stay committed to this sort of fund size in the long term.

I sitting here publicly stating this on the record in a stage setting, even if the market is in a massive crypto bull run, we don't intend to increase our size. We think we've picked our size and our strategy for a reason, he said.

If the SEC wants to come back to earth, it may need to return to earth some time in the future.

In discussing the SEC and current regulatory concerns regarding cryptocurrencies, Katie Haun expressed some strong opinions on some of the decisions that have been made by the agency.

'' It is not decided by independent agencies. So just because the agency says something doesn't really make it the law. And so we've seen agencies, certain branches of government - by the way, across different administrations too - get very, very involved, he said.

In particular, she criticized the current leadership. It's not just crypto, it's on AI, it's on climate, Haun said.

So it's a bit concerning, because that's not how our system is set up. And I think that's why you've started to see some federal judges saying, What are they saying?

But I can tell you also, I was talking about governance and there were some awkward moments where he was saying, oh, I was not registering, she said.