MoMA announces blockchain NFT art program

MoMA announces blockchain NFT art program

It will allow participants to send digital chain letters featuring 15 empty'stamps' across the blockchain to collaborators of their choice. Together, the 15 participants in a single postcard will, one by one, build out a collaborative art piece where all'stamps' are tailored to a specific theme.

The MoMA offered 15 digital artists to collaborate on a series, called the series, to launch the program.

A fellow participating artist, Sasha Stiles, said yesterday that she had joined a number of other artists in the contest.

In 2021, the MoMA, the world's second-most visited contemporary art museum, sold NFTs to digital artist Refik Anadol, who created on-chain artworks inspired by the museum's archives. MoMA also offers a free NFT claim for those who visit the museum, where Anadol's AI-driven digital artwork is currently on display.

Tuesday's announcement signals a broad interest in a longer-term relationship with blockchain technology and the digital art community, which is shared by numerous significant art institutions, he said.

last week the Musée ds collections and exhibitions went on show. Digital artists will soon be invited into the Orsay to create NFTs inspired by the museum's Impressionist and Post-Impressionist masterpieces, and a similar program is currently running at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Earlier this year, the Centre Pompidou, France's highest-profile modern art museum, premiered an exhibit dedicated to exploring art created on the blockchain.