Wire Network opens MegaMask wallet to the public

Wire Network opens MegaMask wallet to the public

On Wednesday, Wire Network said it has opened its unmanned MegaMask wallet to the public for alpha testing.

In this early phase, MegaMask wallet allows users to send, receive, and purchase cryptocurrency through platforms like Wire Network, Polygon MATIC/USD and Ethereum ETH/USD.

Cryptographically secure chat messaging, group chats and a personalized user profile setting are just two of the features that the wallet offers, apart from its core functions.

The announcement comes ahead of Benzinga's Future of Digital Assets conference, scheduled for Nov. 14, in Los angeles. Beyond the wallet, Benzinga said it wants to create a system that promotes trustless transactions over multiple blockchains, eliminating the need for third-party bridges or oracles. The method encompasses networks outside the conventional EVM ecosystem, guiding the direction toward universal blockchain interoperability.

The driving force behind this is the integration of the Universal polymorphic address protocol with the wire name service and a crypto single sign-on.

Together, they form a layer 1 blockchain protocol. This protocol is designed to simplify user onboarding and mitigate the weaknesses seen in existing cross-chain solutions.

This is achieved via a smart contract-powered layer of abstracted ownership.

The layer ensures assets remain on their native chains, yet users can transact against their worth in the open market when interacting with other UPAP-enabled wallets.

He emphasised the wallet's ability to streamline the typically intricate onboarding process.

DiCross added that he added: ''It's time for the president to get out of the office and do something right,'' DiCross said.

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