Song inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto's latest saga

Song inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto's latest saga

For years, Australian computer scientist Craig Wright has tried, relatively unsuccessfully, to convince the world that he is, in fact, Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin. Now, the years-long saga has inspired a song, the fairly unsubtle single.

For the past 15 years, Mann, who is perhaps better known as the man, has written and recorded a new song each day, every day. Guinness is currently the world record for the most consecutive days in which a singer has spent writing a song. For the last couple years, he has also been selling those daily songs via NFTs.

Tuesday's song, which focuses solely on Wright's disputed claims to the Bitcoin legacy, was also available for purchase as a single-edition NFT. After four bids, the song was auctioned off Wednesday for 0.12 ETH, equivalent to just over $198 at writing.

Although Wright has claimed to be Bitcoin's still-unverified creator for years, the saga has been reanimated Tuesday when the Twitter account @satoshi posted for the first time in five years. Numerous industry leaders, such as Christian Ager-Hanssen, the former CEO of nChain, criticised the post as yet another attempt by Wright to imitate the real Satoshi without merit.

Ager-Hanssen resigned over the weekend after claiming to have seen evidence that Wright had manipulated documents to create the false impression that he created Bitcoin. Wright has never been able to create the private keys to Satoshi's Bitcoin address, effectively the only surefire way to prove his claim.

In one of the last verses of his catchy, Wright-based jingle, Mann's song touches on these latest updates.

'' t means he is Satoshi,'' Mann sings over acoustic guitar and drums.